Your Membership in the Hudson Valley Home Brewers, Inc includes:
Monthly Newsletter by email

Monthly Meetings with:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Homebrew Tastings
  • Share information with other brewers from all levels
  • Learn new and different brewing techniques
  • Sample different styles of Commercial Beers (with an talk on the style)
  • Monthly raffle (featuring brewing paraphernalia)

Club events and activities

YES ... I want to join the Hudson Valley Home Brewers, inc
  • Promote the public awareness of HomeBrewing
  • Improve and encourage brewing skills through education and instruction, recipe exchange, cooperative brewing, beer tastings and competitions
  • Learn more about beer by sharing our collective knowledge and experience
  • Learn to be good judges of beer & help others constructively to improve their brewing skills
  • Have good fellowship and assume personal responsibility for drinking within reason
To Join the Hudson Valley Home Brewers just print this form and mail with your membership information and dues or use Paypal.
1 Year Membership is only $30.00
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    Pay the Treasurer or any club officer at a club meeting / event or mail this form and a check to:
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