Club contacts and officer list

Officers for 2017

Office Officer Duties
President Dann Gavaletz Oversees all corporate duties, calls to order and conducts all meetings, sets meeting agendas, appoints committees, and reviews newsletters
Vice-President Phil Metty Assists the Prez and performs Prez duties in the Prez's absence
Treasurer Brian Jameson Finances and reporting, membership tracking and dues
Recording Secretary Phil Van Itallie Club meeting minutes, assists communications secretary 
Communications Secretary Hilon Potter Club mailings, press releases, sponsor letters and all correspondences; handling of member events (births, weddings, deaths) 
Sergeant at Arms Justin Lomas Preserves order at meetings, maintain meeting attendance records, coordinates "beer bringers" 
General Club Information Info General information for Hudson Valley HomeBrewers
Role Name Duties
Newsletter Editor Phil Van Itallie All the news about brews
Club Librarian Tom Folster Club libeerian
Tour Specialist Rachel Himelstein World Beer Tour Expert
Comic Relief Officer Steve Schwartz Jolly meeting interrupter
Web Master  Hilon Potter Web content owner and site maintainer
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