Scheduled Meetings and Locations
Wed, April 8th, 20158pmBlue Collar Brewery (Poughkeepsie)
Wed, May 13th, 20158pmNorth River Hops & Brewing (Wappingers Falls)
Wed, June 10th, 20158pmSchatzi's Pub (Poughkeepsie)
Wed, July 8th, 20158pm PC's Paddock (Poughkeepsie)
Wed, Aug 12th, 20158pmThe Mill (Poughkeepsie)
Wed, Sept 9th, 20158pmSchatzi's Pub (Poughkeepsie)
Wed, Oct 14th, 20158pmMahoney's (Poughkeepsie)
Wed, Nov 11th, 20158pmGunk Haus (Holiday Anniversary Party)
Wed, Dec 9th, 20158pmThe Brown Derby (Poughkeepsie)

New and prospective members are encouraged to attend!
Please coordinate with the Sergeant-at-Arms about any samples being brought to the meetings.

Beer Style of the month for 2015: (April - 4C Schwarzbier) (May - 2B Bohemian Pilsner) (June - 16C Saison) (July - 6D American Wheat or Rye) (August - 9D Irish Red Ale) (September - 4B Munich Dunkel) (October - 3B Oktoberfest) (November - Holiday Party, no beer style o' the month :) (December - 22C Wood-Aged Beer)

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Here are the minutes of our December 12th officer election meeting: Election Results


How We Started

On November 1, 1989 a small group of homebrewers got together to enjoy each other's beer and thus the Hudson Valley HomeBrewers club was founded. We're still going strong 25 years later.

Our sweet 16th birthday in Nov.2005     (Click here for enlarged photo)

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