HVHB,inc Brewing Recipe

Source: Submitted by Jim Taylor and based on Dave Miller's Bohemian Pilsner in the AHA Pilsner Style Book

Peterskill Pilsner

Extract/Grain Version Ingredients:
  • 4lbs Alexanders Light Malt extract syrup
  • 2.5lbs Extra Light Dry Malt Extract
  • 8 oz light crystal malt (20L)
  • 3 oz Saaz pellets (3% alpha), 45 minute boil
  • .5oz Saaz pellets (3% alpha), 15 minute boil
  • 1.5 oz Saaz pellets or plugs (3% alpha), Dry Hop
  • Wyeast 2278 or other Pilsner Lager yeast
  • 3/4 cup, corn sugar (priming)
  • O.G. 1.049-1.051 F.G. 1.011-1.013

    Procedure: Crack all grains and steep in 2 quarts 150-155F water for 30 minutes. Collect runoff and sparge (rinse grains) with an additional .5 gallons 170F water. Add to brew kettle with 1 gallon of water and the malt extract. Boil for 45 minutes, adding hops as shown. Chill and add to 3 gallons of cold water (top fermenter to 5 gallons). Ferment at 45-50 degrees or so. Primary 7-10 days. Secondary 10-14 days. Prime with 3/4 cup of corn sugar and bottle.

    All-Grain Version:

    Substitute: 7.5lb 2 row pilsner malt for the Alexanders malt extract and the dry malt extract. Also add 8oz. Cara-Pils Malt to the mash.

    Procedure: Mill all grains and mash in at 131 degrees for a 30 minute protein rest. Raise to 154 degrees for 90 minutes or until conversion is complete. Mash out at 168 for 10 minutes. Sparge with 4.5 gallons of 170 degree water (5.4ph). Total boil time 90 minutes.

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