HVHB,inc Brewing Recipe

Source: Art Steinmetz and others on the Internet

Barley Nog

Extract/Grain Version Ingredients: (5 Gallons)

  • 9.9lbs. Malt Extract (Light, Dark, mixed)
  • 1lb. Crystal Malt
  • 2.5 to 3oz. Cascade Hops (about 12-15 HBU's) for 60 minute boil
  • 10 Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea Bags
  • 1 tsp.Irish moss 15 minute boil
  • English Ale Yeast
  • 2/3 cup, corn sugar (priming)
  • Procedure: Crack cystal grain and steep in 1.5 gallon 150-155F water for 30 minutes. Collect runoff and sparge (rinse grains) with an additional .5 gallons 170F water. Add to brew kettle and dissolve extract. Boil for 60 minutes, adding hops and Irish Moss as shown. Add 10 Tea Bags, turn off heat and steep for 15 minutes. Chill and add to 3 gallons of cold water (top fermenter to 5 gallons). O.G. = 1.065; IBU = approx. 55 Ferment at 70 degrees or so. Primary 4-7 days. Rack to secondary for 7-10 days. Rack beer off sediment and prime with 2/3 cup of corn sugar and bottle.

    All Grain Version Ingredients: (5 Gallons)

    Substitute 12lbs. 2 row Pale Malt for extract.

    Add 1/4 lb. Chocolate malt (Optional if you want a darker beer)

    Knock Cascades back to 12-14 HBU's.

    Procedure: Crack all grains and mash in for 30 minute protien rest at 122 degrees. Step up to 154 degrees and hold for 1 hour or until coversion is complete. Sparge with with an additional 5 gallons onf 170 degree water. Extend boil time to 90 minutes. Follow other directions above.

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