Recipes from the Hudson Valley HomeBrewers, inc

American Wheat Cream Ale

Source: Jim Taylor   

Makes 5 gallons  

  • 3.3lbs. Light Malt Syrup (Unhopped) 
  • 3.3lbs. Wheat Malt Syrup (Unhopped) 
  • .5lbs Light Crystal Malt 
  • 1oz. Hallertauer Hops @ 3% AAU for 60 minutes 
  • .25oz. Hallertauer @3% AAU for 40 minutes 
  • .25oz. Hallertauer @3% AAU for 20 minutes 
  • .25oz. Hallertauer @3% AAU for 2 minutes 
  • 1 pkg. Wyeast 1056 or other clean ale yeast starter 
  • 1 tsp. Irish Moss (15 minutes) 
  • 3/4 cup Priming sugar 
  • OG 1.050 FG 1.018   

    Procedure: Crack Crystal and steep in 2 gallons 158F water for 30 minutes. Collect runoff and sparge (rinse grains) with an additional .5 gallons 170F water. Add to brew kettle and dissolve extract. Boil for 60 minutes, adding hops and Irish Moss as shown. During last 2 minutes of boil add remaining aroma hops and steep. Chill and add to 3 gallons of cold water (top fermenter to 5 gallons). Ferment at 68 degrees or so. Primary 5-7 days then 10 days cold secondary. Rack beer off sediment and prime with 2/3 cup of corn sugar and bottle.  

    Mash Version Ingredients: (5 Gallons)  

    Substitute 4lbs. Lager Malt for the (3.3lbs) of the Light malt extract and 4.5lbs. Wheat malt for the 3.3lbs. Wheat malt extract.  

    Procedure: Crack all grains and mash in at 122F degrees and hold for a 30 minute protein rest. Step up to 144F for 20 minutes, then raise to 158F for 60 minutes. Hold for 1 hour or until conversion is complete. Raise to 168F for 15 minute mash out. Sparge with with an additional 5 gallons of 170 degree water. Extend boil time to 90 minutes. Follow other directions above.

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